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113 VWICIl 15 t 0St StaUie unau 1OLII OI Us COip0uid (c) ( (a) (b) Which of the followina malaauaa 10
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya Best Answer
    option B
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    got it??
  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    Option B
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    Priyanshu kumar
    jab bulky grp equatorial pe hoga to wo jyada stable hoga
  • Dinesh khalmaniya
    to solve this type questions, put bulky group at equatorial position and put the othere group according to relative position of it
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    got it Reshav??
  • Suman Kumar
    Option B is correct
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    what is tge reasons and how to check stability in such questions
  • Dinesh khalmaniya
    hope this will help you 🙏🙏🙏
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