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my #late for TEST, don't worry ,extra 10mins at last #answer filling form after all questions After being hit, a golf ball reaches a maximum height of 60m with speed of 20m/s. Right after being hit the speed of the ball is (take g= 10 m/s) (a) 100m/s IGP-2008] (b) 80m/s (c) 60m/s (d) 40im/s A stone is dropped vertically from the top of a tower of height 40m. At the same time a gun is aimed directly at the stone from the ground at a horizontal distance 30m from the base of the tower and fired. If the bullet from the gun is to hit the stone before it reaches the ground, the minimum velocity of the bullet must be, approximately (a) $7 4 me-1 ITIFR 2013 (b) 277 me-l (c 177 me-1 (dh 74 mg-
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  • Som shekhar sharma thankyou
    see the attachments for both solutions
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