Vijay Singh chauhan Asked a Question
November 7, 2020 11:39 ampts 30 pts
How to study group theory effectively so that I can solve all possible questions from easy to moderate and difficult one correctly I don't feel confident with the group theory units please guide me through this
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  • Piyush thankyou
    When I started , I didn't understand a thing in group theory. But when you keep reading and relate your question to the theorem you have learnt. It does get better. After revision ...
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  • Piyush Best Answer
    Start from the basics , Try to study group structure of different finite groups and see what are the differences in those group. Homomorphism are very important , sylow is not in s...
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    Piyush sir, please let me know if there is some youtube channel that you preferred while studying GT.