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OIC po the slope of the liquid gas curve at the 2. For the reaction, 2S0, +O, HDh 2SO, the equilibrium constant K, = 5.0 at 207°C. If the partial pressures of SO2, O, and SO; are 1.0 x 10, 0.20 and 1.0x 10, respectively, then the Gibbs free energy of the reaction (A,G) in kJ mol at 207°C.. The pKa values of H3PO4 are 2.12, 7.21 and 12.67. The pH of a phosphate buffer containing 0.2 M NaHPO and 0.1 M NaHPO4 is 3 Hydrolysis of 15.45 g of benzonitrile producted 10.98 g of benzoic acid. The percentage yield of acid A formed is 5. Acetic acid content in commercial vinegar was analyzed by titrating against 1.5 MNaOH solution. A 20 mL vinegar sample required 18 mL of titrant to give end point. The concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar (in mol L) is A 10 L flask containing 10.8 g of N,Os is heated to 373 K, which leads to its decomposition according to the equation 2N,0s(g) 4NO:(g) +O:(g). If the final pressure in the flask is 0.5 atm, then the partial pressure of O(g) in atm is 6. [Given: R 0.0821 L atm Kmol1 The amount of bromine (atomic wt. = 80) required (in gram) for the estimation of 42.3 g of phenol (molecular wt.= 94 gmol) is 7
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    Sir last portion maii R ka value .008314 Q rakha jbkii ∆Go ka value J/mole haii haii toh add hwa??
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