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on's . To de following is NOT a compound pendulum d NaterSpendulum (C Simple pendulum easured most a ccurately? er of the wire bi Diameter of the cylinder (b) Bar pendulum () Clock penduium Length of the wire (a) Mean twist for a load. 2. Which of the following pendulums give the most accurate measurement or gr 11.A galvanometer is a device which is used to la) detect the flow of current in a circuit b) pehdulum (ay iock penauium (b) measure the amount of current Simple pendulum (C) measure the potential difference or volta ge 3. What are the components of a pendulum ? (d) All of the above (d) All of the aho (d) All of the above 12. The "tigure of merit' of a galvanometer is defined as (C Lenter Or oScilatin the current required to produce 4. In which of the following pendulums, the center of gravity and center of oscllation approximatey cide? (a) Kater's pendulumn (a) the deflection of one smallest scale division of the galvanometer (b) the deflection of the full scale of the galvanometer (6) Bar pendulum c) the halt deflection of full scale of the galvanometer (d) None of the above (C Simple pendulum (d) Clock pendulum 13. When a shunt resistance is connected across a Bavanometer, then the comoinatuon or Shunt dnd galvanometer is called the a mmeter. Ihen 5. Which of the following pendulum is a reversible pendulum? (a) Kater's pendulumn (c) Simple pendulum (6) Bar pendulum (d) Clock pendulum (a) the effective resistance of the ammeter decreases (D) the current Tiowing through the ammeter increases 6. If 4 and h are the distances of the two knife edges (c) both of the above (d) None of the above from the C.6. of the Kater's pendulum, then the radius of gyration (k) is given by: ,. (a) k= (c) k= 14. f the external resistance R = 10 K2 and to produce (b) k=l (d) k=+ half deflection, shunt resistance S = 50 2, then the galvanometer resistance is (a) 502 (6) 50.25 7. If the value of the acceleration due to gravity at sea (C) 52.63 Q (a) S.022 level be 9.8 m/s, then its value at Aizawl (a) must be equal to 9.8 mys 15. f the number of divisions in a Galvanometer is 50 (b) should be greater than 9.8 m/sS (c) should be less than 9.8 m/s* and its figure of merit is 0.2 mA/divn., then the current (d) can not be determined. required for its full scale deflectionis nA (6) 10 mA 8. The rigidity modulus may be defined as the ratio of (c) 100 mA (d) 1 Amp a longitudinal stress to longitudinal strain (b) volume stress to olume strain (c) shear stress to shear strain (d) None of the above. 9. The rigidity modulus of the material of a wire is of the order of (a) 10 dyne/cm (c) 10 dyne/cm (b) 10 dyne/cm (d) 10 dyne/cm
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    sie,plaease your. soln in 14 and 15
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    The correct answers are: 1.) d 2.) a 3.) d 4.) b 5.) a 6.) b 7.) a 8.) c 9.) b 11.)a 12.)a 13.)a 14.)b 15.)a
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