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April 25, 2020 3:43 pmpts 30 pts
please tell the degree and order of this question ......
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  • P Choursiya
    see attachment
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  • P Choursiya
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    Ankur Rao
    but sir when we have power in fraction then also we multiply to get power in integer form
  • P Choursiya Best Answer
    see the attachment(forgot everything what I upload. check this, I am 100% sure)
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    Ankur Rao
    why degree is not defined in 6th question
  • Ujjawal vishal thankyou
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  • Ujjawal vishal
    here dy/dx = Sin^-1(y+k) it is polynomial expression in differential coefficients with degree 1....order is obviously 1
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    Ujjawal vishal
    When an equation is polynomial in all the differential coefficients involved, the power to which the highest differential coefficient is raised is known as the degree of the equati...
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  • Ujjawal vishal
    order 1 degree 1
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    Ankur Rao
    how here is also we cannot express in polynomial