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Opue Identily the interference figure given below. normal Q.32 Melatop Melaiope Opic plane Isuchrone Isogyre (B) Biaxial acute bisectrix figure (D) Uniaxiul flash figure (A) Biaxial optic normal figure (C) Uniaxial optic axis figure 33.which is/are correct a. Biaxial b. Uniaxialc. Positive d.Negative 34. What is the cation to anion ratio for a mineral having coordination number 2? a) <0.155 b) 0.155-0.225 c)0.414-0.732 dl Q.732-1.0
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    32) It is a biaxial acute bisectrix figure (clearly not uniaxial). It is obtained when acute bisectrix is oriented perpendicular to microscope stage. For more clearer view kindly ...
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    Saurabh shukla
    Dear nitish kindly mark my other two answers , if it is correct... Thanks:)