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orgaric Chemistry 1 JEE Dierms 84, W hich of the following reactions does not proceed in forward directs (a) Ph C-H+CH,(CH.), Na Ph CNa+ CH,(CH,),CH, NO NO (b) ON OH+NaHCO o,N-O-ONa CO+H NO NO (c) CH-C-CH,-C-CH, +C,H, ONa ONa CH,-C-CH-C-CH, +CHO (d) HC O-OH+ NalHCO,H,C-O-ONa-COH0 85) Which of the following reactions does not proceed in forward direction? (a) CH,CH,SH+ NaOH > CH,CH,SNa + H-Oo (b) CH CH,OH+CH, MgBr CH CH,CH,OMgBr +CH (c) CH,Cl,OH + NaOH CH CH,ONa + H,O (d) CH,CH,OH+NaH CH,CH,ONa + H,
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    for 85 check this https://doubtnut.com/question-answer-chemistry/which-of-the-following-reactions-does-not-proceed-in-forward-direction-20596141
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