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Two blocks each of mass m are connected to the ends of a massless rod of length 2/ which is rotated in a horizontal plane about its vertical axis of symmetry. The maximum frequency with which the system can be rotated without exceeding the breaking tension T for the rod is: 1 [T (a) ml 7/2 277 ml (b) 27TT 1/2 [27 (c) 1T (d) 2T 2mlJ 2t ml
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    see attached
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    ooh we have to calculate the frequency of one mass due to other
  • Mahak
    see attached ans is a
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    Hello mam good morning
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    see this attachment
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    Chandra dhawan
    it Will help you
  • Mahak
    here don't get confused with two masses here take a system of mass and find mas Freq of system and in system we will calculate due to one mass on other
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