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Part-b (hlr) [8x 1=8 a. choose the correct answer. 1. according to the frequency response of a typical rc coupled amplifier, the voltage gain is uniform over ()

Part-B (HLR) [8x 1=8 A. Choose the correct answer. 1. According to the frequency response of a typical RC coupled amplifier, the voltage gain is uniform over () Low frequencies 6) High frequencies () mid-frequencies (d) very high frequencies 2. RC coupled amplifier is also called audi0 amplifier because (a) speaker is connected at its output (6) it is almost constant gain in the audio freguency range () coupling capacitor couples the two stages (d) it has low voltage gain at low frequencies 3. On introducing a positive feedback, the gain of an amplifier a) increases (b) decreases (C) Is zero (d) is stable 4. The phase shift in negative feedback is a) 180° (b) 360° 90° (d) 0° 5. The output of an amplifier is 20 V and if 200 mV from the output is fed back, then feedback fraction is (a) 0.01 (b) 0.1 () 1 (d) 10 6. Barkhausen criterion for sustained oscilla (Given, A, 1S gain without feed back and m, is feedback fraction) is (a) Av m (C) Av v=I (d) Av mv =0 7. To obtain undamped oscillations (a) negative feedback is required (b) positive feedback is required () both positi ve and ne gative feedback is required (d) no feedback is required 8. The binary number 1101110l is equal to the decimal number 121 (b) 221 c) 441 ) 256

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    Anshum Sharma Best Answer

    The correct answers are : 1.) c 2.) a 3.) a 4.) a 5.) a 6.) c 7.) c 8.) b


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