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PART F: DU Previous Years Questions 60 g of urea is dissolved in 1100 g solution. To keep AT/Ks as I molkg. water separated in the form 1. of ice is (a) 40g [DU 2015] (d) 200 g (b) 60g (c) 100 g Relative decrease in vapour pressure of an aqueous NaCl is 0.167. No. of moles of NaCl present is 180 g of H:0 is: U 2015] DU (b) 1i mol mol (d) 4 mol mol Elevation in boiling point of an aqueous urea solution is 0.52° (Ks = 0.52 mol kg). Hence mole fraction of urea in this solution is: (a) 0.982 a) [DU 2015] (b) 0.0567 (c) 0.943 d) 0.018 IDII 20161 ncransina tha tamneratura of an aauenus sohtion causas
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