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. Past seawater temperature can be reconstructe from the: ed A. Oxygen isotopic composition of the cal. careous foraminifera B. Carbon isotopic composition of the cal. B. careous foraminifera C. Carbon isotopic composition agglutinated C. foraminifera D. Oxygen isotopic composition of aggluti nated foraminifera (DU-2014
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  • Sajan sarthak
    carbon isotope doesn't fractionate in a little temperature variation...but oxygen does
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  • Gurmeet singh
    why not carbon?
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  • Rahul kumar Best Answer
    Answer (A) Oxygen Isotope composition of the calcareous foraminifera Oxygen Isotropic composition of calcareous foraminifera can be used to reconstruct past sea water temperature....
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  • Sajan sarthak thankyou
    By taking the oxygen isotopic analysis of calcareous foraminifera we can construct paleo temperature as the carbonate shell of formminifera has capacity of taking oxygen isotopes...
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