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Physics (uSP 10. The periodic curve is such that the displacement is linear with time from y = a whent = 0= y = 0 when t = T as shown in figure. L a P y( y 2T 3T 0 t The Fourier series in this case is 1 cos cos ot + cos 2ot+cos 3ot+..+ +cos not (A) n 1 1 COS ot +-COs 2ot +-cos 3ot +... +- COS not 3 (B) 2 n sin ot + 1 sin 2ot+sin 3ot+... +- sin not sin ot+ 2 T 1 (C) n a sin ot+sin 2ot+sin 3ot+... +sin not (D) n
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    first find the first of the graph and then use Fourier series for that function, u will easily get the answer.. once try urself then I'll provide you complete solution if u r not a...
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