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PHYSICS-XI 14.4 T roblems For Practice Const define Which of the following functions of time represent (a) simple harmonic motion, (b) periodic but not simple harmonic and (c) non-periodic motion ? Find the period of each periodic motion. Here wis a positive real Constant. ment abov acts 1. sin ot + cos ot. (Ans. Simple harmonic) 2. sin tt + 2 cos 2tt + 3 sin 3tt. (Ans. Periodic but not simple harmonic) 3. cos (2ot + t/3). (Ans. Simple harmonic) (Ans. Periodic but not simple harmonic) 4. sin ot. or 5 cos ot + 2 sin ot. (Ans. Periodic but not simple harmonic) NTS defir sin of + cos of V2 sin (ot T/4), T=27T/ o Each term represents S.H.M. move Period of sin t, T 27T whic
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