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ple : A body of mass 'm falls from rest at a height h under gravity (acceleration due to g gh a dense medium which produces resistive force F = -kva, where k is a conserve and 'v is the It will hit the ground with a kinetic energy ? Solution: F, = ma, Drag Force Always Applied opposite to the velocity. kv2 = ma mg (i) In Terms of Position (x) mg kv? = mv- g- = 0Qu= 0 dv dx F =kv kv Vdx m dv mg vdv g-v2 ntegrating both sides dx m vdv = fdx og m v2= t g m ydv dt m m vdv-2k 7 9 2kx log,(t) m cle.c 2kx m log m 2kx =em kv mg 2kx m mg 1-e KE.-mv-91-e 2k Website Email: Call Us in this example why we have taken out the kinetic energy in terms of position and time
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    You have not mentioned the part where you are facing problem.The file you have attached contains the solution.So please mention whether you are facing any problem in any part of th...
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