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A man places a chain of mass m and length I on a table slowly. Initially the lower end of the chain just touches the table. The man drops the chain when half of the chain is in vertical position. The work done by man in this process is -mg 4 -3mgl O 8 O -mg 3 O mgl
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  • Sayan pal
    ok almost clear ..why you used minus sign in the 2nd case?
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    Bidyut sinha
    We have to derive the difference in potential energy ,tai na...So difference will be there...So minus... :)
  • Bidyut sinha thankyou
    ok I am clarifying the case..when the chain is in intial position and touches the table, then I have taken L/2 length ...because in case of chain problem, when it is in the vertica...
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  • Bidyut sinha Best Answer
    I have given detail calculation in the attached picture.
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    Sayan pal
    how L/4 comes? not clear to me
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