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please answer with detail. Pegmatites are igneous rocks having extremely coarse grain size, the term does not have any compositional connotation. What is the unifying cause for such extremely large grains? (A) Liquid immiscibility (B) Slow cooling at lower crustal depths (C) Volatile-aided crystallization (D) Early magmatic preferential growth of specific mineral phases
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  • Sushmita maurya
    Igneous rock (pegmatite) with more than 3 cm large crystals, this texture/ structure is found in intrusive rocks. The extra large size does not mean that they cooled extra slowly(l...
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  • Sushmita maurya Best Answer
    Answer:C (Volatile aided crystallization) Pegmatite forms during final(late) stage of magma crystallization. Large crystals of pragmatite formed in magma that was extra rich in dis...
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    Biswajit swain
    why not option B