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Physics (Mechanics) Example : A body of mass 'm' falls from rest at a height h under gravity (acceleration due to g) through a dense medium which produces resistive force F = -kv, where k is a conserve and 'v is the speed. It will hit the ground with a kinetic energy ? Solution: F = ma, TIPS Drag Force Always Applied opposite to the velocity. mg kv2 = maa (6) in Terms of Position (x) X = 0Qu = 0 dv mg- kV2 = mv- dx h F=-kv dv kv2 dx9 +X m mg vdv = dx x = h g-V m Integrating both sides vdv - - fdx og-2 m k g 2=t m Let 2y dv dt m m vdv -dt 2k m dt = X 2k t 2kx log, (t) = m g- m log om 2kx m g 2kx kv2 e m
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    did u want only this part clarification? for any further doubt, do let me know.. here ball is coming down so mg is more than the resistive force that oppose it to come down .. appl...
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  • Ruby negi
    for any other doubt, Please ask...
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    Navneet sharma
    sure mam thank you
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