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May 22, 2020 3:27 pmpts 50 pts
Please explain the conditions of applicability of Gauss, Stoke and Green theorem PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL WITH EXAMPLE.
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya Best Answer
    here I attached old problem solution (because I am not able to find your that post
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    Rajat jain
  • Dhairya sharma
    dear i suggest you to take help of electrodynamics by Griffiths.
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya thankyou
    visit all video for batter understanding. it may be possible they say same point because these video make by different teachers. but please visit first video of every thm
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  • Priyadarshan Choursiya thankyou
    visit the following link you understand everything very well these are some good videos green thm https://youtu.be/1w2f29d0VHQ https://youtu.be/6fJE3vvjB8o https://youtu.be/lh9dwW...
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