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wtesteportotest_id=13T0 The average energy of a boson when three bosons to be filled in two energy levels having energy 2J and 3J is InCorrect J Your Ans 6 Correct Ans 13.213.8 (Round off to one decimal place) Time (Secs) 31 Solution Bookmark According to virial theorem If V or, then(E,)=(Ep) For H-like atoms, V (E,)-- = (E-) For Li (Z = 3). E, =-13.6 e n So. for n = 3 state E =(E) -13.6 eV E)+Ep) = -13.6 eV E)-2E,)=-13.6 eV E)-13.6 eV
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    yes the solution given here is of the another question.The correct solution are attached here.
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