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09 A solenoid with an iron core 1s connected in sernes with a battery of emf V and it is found that a constant current Io passes through the solenoid at 0, the roe core 15 pulled out from the solenoid quickly in a time Ar which one of the following could be a correct descripton of the current passing through the soleno (a) I A A c)I Qi0 A metallic square loop ABCD 1s moving in its own plane with velocity V in a uniform magnetic field perpendicular to its plane as Shown n the figure An electr1c field 15 1ndnced a 1n AD but not n BC (b) in BC, but not in AD c) neither n AD nor in BC (d) in both AD and BC
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  • Animesh anand thankyou
    option c and D are correct options
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