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Monochromatic light of wavelength 589.3 nm is incident normally on a thin wedge-shaped film of transparent plastic of refractive index 1.42. Interference fringes are observed in the reflected light with a separation of 0.26 mm between adjacent bright bands The angle of the wedge will be apprOximately (upto three decimal places) Solution For bright fringe 2ut (2n-1) 2ux, 2ux, tan 6 (2n-1)- For (n+1) bright fringe 2ux tan = (2n+1) tan 6 So. 2u, ) tan 6 = 2 1.42x0.26 10 tan 9 589.5x10m tan 7.98 10 9 0.045726
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    The formula you used comes after approximate tan(theta) is equal to theta.this formula is true for small you always used proper method unless the angle is not small or it ...
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