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VJ 24 Four identical simple pendula consisting of light string of length Iand small bob of masS m are suspended from common point of suspension. The bobs of pendula are given equal charge due to which each strinng makes 60° with downward vertical. Charge on each bob is 3mg a) 2v2 +1)K 33mgl 3mg mgl VeV2+)k VW2-DR (d V2+1)K 25 An a particle passes rapidlythrough the exact.centre ofa hydrogen.molecule moving on a line perpendiailar to the internuclear axis. The distance between the nuclei is b Where on its path does the oa particle experience the greatest force? Assume that the nuclei do not move much during the passage of the ct particle. Also neglect the electric field of the clectrons in the.molecúle. b 22 b a) b C) parlicle (d none H,-molecules
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  • Dr suman 1 thankyou
    question 25,option b is correct. see the attachment.
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