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August 11, 2020 12:42 pmpts 30 pts
please help me with this doubt regarding elliptical orbits because we have two expressions in one expression energy is fixed and in another energy has a range so which one is correct and if they both are correct how to do i interpret the results
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  • Ruby negi Best Answer
    E is between the given range (that u wrote) is for elliptical orbits and also the expression that u write in last for E ,must follow the range ( as that range is general condition ...
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    Ruby negi
    hope u will get me, if not ,do let me know...
  • Mahak thankyou
    here which we calculate that is general expression of energy which is always constant for all orbits but in elliptical orbit energy range is between -mk^2/2l^2
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    what's your doubt
  • Ruby negi thankyou
    see, energy is fixed for circular orbit but that doesn't mean circle of particular radius is fixed, u can see in the formula of energy for circular orbit, J ( in denominator) depen...
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