Vijay posted an Question
January 03, 2022 • 19:26 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

Please provide solution for q6

tic? 6.) For what values of z do the function o define by the following equation ceases to be anali. Z = Sin u cos hv + i cos u sin hv W = u+ IV (B) Z = -1 (A) Z = + 1 (D) none of these (C) z = 0 A point object O is placed at a distance of 30 cm from a convex lens (focal length 20 cm) c into two halve each of which is displaced by 0.05 cm as shown in figure. Then 2 x 0.05 cm 30 cm f 20 cm (A) The position of the image is 60 cmm (B) Only one image wll formed Two images are formed The distance between formed images is 0.3 cm (C) (D) Contact Us Website Email: Call Us: 7231913276

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