Vijay Singh chauhan Asked a Question
April 9, 2021 3:50 pmpts 30 pts
please send the solution to the problem given in the attachment.
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  • Deepak singh thankyou
    yes , order - 2 and degree - 1 , . Def - the degree of a differential equation is the power of its highest derivative, after the derivatives of equation has been made rational a...
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    Deepak singh
    we have to make only derivatives rational/integral .
  • Alka gupta Best Answer
    in definition they say " make derivatives rational" no need to make x and y rational
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    please give an example where we make deri. rational.
  • Sonu saini
    your answer is correct
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    but in the definition they say make it rational?
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