Vijay Singh chauhan Asked a Question
May 1, 2021 6:37 ampts 30 pts
please send the solution to the problem given in the attachment.
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  • Gattu uday thankyou
    Noo u,v are not supposed to be different in this case ,you have to take the elements ,if there are many elements you can take differently but here 0 is the only element soo you can...
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  • Gattu uday
    {0} is subspace for all Vectorspaces ,it is called Improper subspace nd Trivial subspace , for checking take 0+0 like this every element for checking is 0
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  • Deepak singh Best Answer
    Refer attached
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    Deepak singh
    in 2 , since W contains only one element 0 , so u=v=0 .
  • Alka gupta thankyou
    {0} and V both are called trivial subspace of vector space V . if W={0} then it is full fill all three conditions which is here mentioned 1. 0€V hence 0€W 2. u=0 , v=0 hence 0+0 ...
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    doubt--->aren't u and v supposed to be different elements in the 2nd statement?
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