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MATHEMA cs sTAtisties sQ of G consisting of matrices with even entries. Subjective Questions H Find the order of the quotient group 5 Let Gbe a finite abelian group of order n with 2006: 15 Marks identity e. If for all a e G, a =e, then, by induction on r, show that n = 3 for some non- NAT Numerical Answer Type negative integer k. [2005 21 Marks] 7. Suppose Gis a cyclic group and a,reG are 7. such that order (a) = 12 and order (:)=21 Let G= a,bc,dez be the group (a b Then the order of the smallest group 6. containing a and r is [2015: 2 Marks under matrix addition and Hbe the subgroup
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  • Alka gupta thankyou
    ans 84 qus 7...
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    Shivani keshri
    please solve 5,6 too
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