Vaibhav singh Asked a Question
November 10, 2021 10:36 ampts 30 pts
Will Chapter1 - chapter 6 of BOGGS cover the last topic of our syllabus I.e.Elements of sedimentary environments and facies or not?? If something is left after reading Chapter 1 -6 please tell me ,from where can I cover that?? If f everything will be covered from Chapter 1 to 6 ,then please also tell that everything will be covered. Also With you people help I have covered Ch1.Ch2.Ch.3.And Sedimentary structures (ch.4.) I am reading.
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  • Mayank vedwal Vedwal
    try to understand the concept of deep and shallow marine environment and delta system...
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  • Mayank vedwal Vedwal Best Answer
    in the past years most of the questions were asked from 1 to 6 chapters only.... but sometimes some conceptual questions were also asked from the chapters that are after chapter 6 ...
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  • Mayank vedwal Vedwal thankyou
    yes read sam boggs that is more than enough for jam exam... if u are more curious for subject then u can read Gary Nichols also.
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    Vaibhav singh
    Sir,you didnt tell me chapters ..Will chaoter 1 to 6 cover my all new syllabus! please tell me according to that.
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