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MO.9 oh CO: COCValence e) O 4 +6= loe CO C 6b b(y SpnbCh A nb) Ene nb nb (with bond Cb) Chomad sb D80-3 ClT+27 Thuuha hb so Achual B-0.<3 A nb a)Homo = nb Ca) LUmo TL* CO
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  • Reshav
    sir it means lower energy bala sp jo hai usme percent s character jyada hoga and higher energy sp' me percent s character kam hoga because usme major contribution 2p ka hoga becaus...
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    Priyanshu kumar
    yes reshav..check detailed explanation in attached image also
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    Reshav check this MO diagram of CO and bonding explanation
    • cropped450271734051127610.jpg
    • cropped8150989349201298003.jpg
    • cropped7152994254101783385.jpg
    • cropped2740297067969634956.jpg
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