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Pls explain the highlight portion

pls explain the highlight portion what is compressional and tensional stress and how it rolls in movement of plates

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    Mayank vedwal Vedwal Best Answer

    Compressional and tensional stresses are the type of stresses. Compressional stress is the stress which causes compaction in rock body and squeezes the body. Compressional stress works along subduction zone of two plates. Tensional stress is the stress which tries to pull apart rock body. Tensional stress generally acts along rifts zone or MOR. Explaination of highlighted portion :- When a object has large length and less thickness and it has high friction with bottom surface then it is hard to transfer stress from one end of rock layer to another end of layer because the stress generated at one end of layer will consume by the friction generated at the bottom of layer. But if the friction is less in contacting surface then effect of the stress can easily transfer to another end and plate movement will start because there is no external force to resist the effect of this stress.


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