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Pls explain the question as well as elaborate the related concepy

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  • Isha lohan 1

    see this part in Ghatak book. 45 degree is rotated to 90 degree for Half wave plate. But in Qwp, it becomes circular polarized

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    As you can see that even after passing through wave plate the plane of polarization has rotated but state of polarization did not, if it has been quarter wave plate, emerging light would be circular polarized, but the emerging light has its plane of polarization rotated so it means that it should be half wave plate as emerging light is still plane polarized. So, option A and D eliminates. So either B or C should be correct. In this ques both B and C were correct. This concept Of rotation of plane of polarization is a very good concept and I'll explain this, but before I explain, I think that you should read a little bit of it from the book Optics by Ajoy Ghatak, page no 351. Topic 22.6 Interference of Polarized Light: Quater wave plate and Half wave plate. You can download pdf of this book from net very easily. Because if I directly try to explain, it will be hard for you to understand. So please read it. Then ask for further doubts. I'll help.


    I have the book


    I am reading it


    mam is image ko pls btado ye on kaise aya


    pls also suggest me books for each and every topic so that I can build good concepts and solve easy to advanced level questions + I have the complete eduncle study material


    well. it is found out mathematically that any light having its plane of polarization at x degrees from half wave plate when passes through it, it's palne of polarization rotates by 2x. this is Only for HALF waveplate. so if the plane has rotated by 60 degree then it should have fallen at 30 degree angle at first. the 120 degree option was controversial so jam gave marks as this option also correct.


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