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ernal reflection at the Canada Balsan layer. 21.3.4 Polarization by Scattering If an unpolarized beam is allowed to fall on a gas, then the beam seattered a 90 to the incident beam is linearly polar- ized 1his follows irom the fact that the waves propagating in the y direction are produced by the x-component of the dipole oscillations (see Fig. 21.16). The y component of the dipole oscillations will produce no field in the y direction (see Sec. 22.5.1). Indeed, it was through scattering experi- ments that Barkla could establish the transverse character of X-rays. Clearly, if the incident beam is linearly polarized with its electric vector along the xdirection, then there will be no scattered líght along the x-axis. As such, one can carry out
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    This is a deeper physics concept. When light falls on atom, it absorbs its energy E=hv and starts oscillating like a dipole as it has charges. Now we know that an oscillating cha...
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