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Pls make me understand these dipole oscillation

ernal reflection at the Canada Balsan layer. 21.3.4 Polarization by Scattering If an unpolarized beam is allowed to fall on a gas, then the beam seattered a 90 to the incident beam is linearly polar- ized 1his follows irom the fact that the waves propagating in the y direction are produced by the x-component of the dipole oscillations (see Fig. 21.16). The y component of the dipole oscillations will produce no field in the y direction (see Sec. 22.5.1). Indeed, it was through scattering experi- ments that Barkla could establish the transverse character of X-rays. Clearly, if the incident beam is linearly polarized with its electric vector along the xdirection, then there will be no scattered líght along the x-axis. As such, one can carry out

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    This is a deeper physics concept. When light falls on atom, it absorbs its energy E=hv and starts oscillating like a dipole as it has charges. Now we know that an oscillating charge dipoles further radiates energy, so it again emits out the radiation (ideally without any loss, with same frequency), this is how an atom scatter light. Atmospheric polarization is a direct result of the Rayleigh scattering of sunlight by gas molecules in the atmosphere. Upon impact between a photon from the sun and a gas molecule, the electric field from the photon induces a vibration and subsequent re-radiation of polarized light from the molecule (illustrated in Figure attached). The radiated light is scattered at right angles to the direction of sunlight propagation, and is polarized either vertically or horizontally, depending upon the direction of scatter. A majority of the polarized light impacting the Earth is polarized horizontally (over 50 percent), a fact that can be confirmed by viewing the sky through a Polaroid filter. It's good that you find out this deeper in this topic, our prof told us that not many can think in this ques.


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