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he felsic minerals component falls below 107o Or the mos ic an . The prefixes leuco and mela can be applied to all the ron in hormbla the QA 10 i de, triangular ornble e and hornblende satisfactorily classify the peridotitic, Pyroxenit the roc als and mela by which leucocratic might have >50% light-coloured mine oes not correspond to current usage. Olivine Dunlte Peridotites Lherzolte 40 Olivine clino Pyroxeniie 40 Olivine orthopyroxenite Orthopyroxenite Olvine Webstarite 10 Pyroxenites Webstente T0 Orthopyroxene Clinopyroxenite Clinopyroxene ssification and nomenclature of the ultramafic rocks (M> 90%) bas proportions of olivine (Ol), orthopyroxene (Opx) and clinopyroxene
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  • Sajan sarthak
    Shown diagram is the IUGS classification of ultramafic igneous rock (rocks containing less than 10% of felsic minerals). You will only use this diagram if the cumulative modal perc...
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    thank you sir
  • Rahul kumar Best Answer
    Audio attachment is not possible that's why I am explaining the diagram in text. Explanation: Shown diagram is the IUGS classification of ultramafic igneous rock (rocks containing...
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