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lase. quartzolite (silexite) quartz-rich granitoids granodiorite tonalite alkali feldspar granite quartz monzodiorite granite quartz monzogabbro quartz alkali feldspar syenite (syeng- (manzo granite) granite) quartz diorite quartz gabbro quartz anorthosite alkali feldspar 20 B5 0 quartz syenite syenite quartz monzonile monzodiornite monzogabbro syenite foid-bearing foid-beaning Syenite A monzonite diorite monzonite 50 gabbro anorthosite 10 loid foid-bearing alkali feldspar syenite /toid-bearing diarite foid-bearing gabbro foid-bearing anorthosile foid monzodionte toid monzosyenite monzogabbro, loid-bearing monzodionite foid-beaning monzogabbro foid syenite foid diorite foid gabbro foidolite of the plutonic igneous rocks according to their
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    A QAPF diagram is a double ternary diagram which is used to classify igneous rocks based on mineralogic composition. The acronym QAPF stands for "Quartz, Alkali feldspar, Plagiocla...
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    Sir Please explain the 3rd para
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