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uldmgs, { ings; ( gs; (ii) oundary d exiensIve; Extensi ensive) isobaric, isochoric, cyclic and quasi-static) SOUNcrmD al, adia and inreversible paths hermal, adiabatic, i (Vi) Reversib vi) Reversible 1.2 What ard intensive and extensive variables? Classify the following into intensive and extensive variables () energy, (ü) dipole moment, (üü) reractive index, (ivViscosity (v) volume, (vi) density, (Vi surtace tension, (Vil molar Volume, 1K kinetic energy, (xheat capacity ) temperature, (xi) gas constant (xii) critical density, (xiv) specific heat capacity V vapour pressurc, (xvi) internal energy, (xvin) enthalpy, (xvim) entropy, (Xix) free energy, and (xx chemical potentia 1.3 (a) What do you understand by exact and inexact differentiln (b) State the Euler's reciprocity relation fa
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    Yes,correct ....density is intensive property..marked it as intensive and marked heat capacity as extensive
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