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Plz expalin p hybridized orbital ofb accepts the lone pair ofco (b) its yo value is more than that for fr

Bondin CeADEMY 4 Identify the correct statement(s) for H,B CO (A) sp hybridized orbital ofB accepts the lone pair ofCo (B) Its yo value is more than that for free CO (C) Fofmar oxIdation state of C 1s tTe cOmipound Answer is (b) Bonly (c) A only (d) A and C (a)A and BB OSUBSCRIDE N W R

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    Paramjeet verma Best Answer

    sp2 hybridised cannot it is aleeady occupies ....pure p orbital can accept. Formal oxidation state would be 4 if it is attached to two O atoms. C-O Stretching frequency is more than its free state. correct option is (b)


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