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Plz explain 16 th question.. ucti hybridisation ? (a) 90 6) 120 (d) 109 (c) 180° the electronic configuration

AL BONDING 13. Which of the following angle corresponds to sps AND MOLECULAR STRUCTI hybridisation ? (a) 90 6) 120 (d) 109 (c) 180° The electronic configurations of three elements, A, B and C are given below. Answer the questions 14 to 17 on the basis of these configurations. 19 A 12 252 2p6 2p 2p6 14. Stable form of A may be represented by the B I2 2 32 32 3p3 3p5 C Is2 22 formula: (a) A (b) A2 (d) As 15. Stable form of C may be represented by the (c) Ag 20. formula: (b) C2 (d) C4 16. The molecular formula of the compound (a) C ()C3 formed from B and C will be 21. (b) BC (d) BC (a) BC (c)BC2

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    16. option d is correct Explanation:- According to given electronic configuration of B and C, B needs 3 electrons and C needs 1 electron to complete octet. Therefore, one atom of B will combine with three atoms of C. The molecular formula of the compound formed will be BC3​. Also B represents Phosphorus (P) and C represents chlorine (Cl). Thus, formula of compound formed is PCl3 or BC3


    thanku sir


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