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utTEdSIn9, TEaSITg, TetX = Ini S and proce Ini Sand proceed in a sir TeL lar mann Lemma (On nested intervals). Let the sequence of the intervals {[a, b]} be such that [a b cla, b] Vn e N (such intervals are called nested), and their lengths converge to zero, i.e., lim n- (b- a)= 0. Then there exists a unique point that belongs to every interval, i.e., e la, b] vn e N, and 5- lim a, = sup{a,) = lim b, = inifb,}. no n0
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  • Srinath
    What did you not understand?
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    L.sufiya khanam
    is this correct??
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    I hope you understand what nested intervals mean. Consider I1 = [a1,b1], a closed and bounded interval. Now, consider I2 = [a2, b2]. According to the conditions, the relation betwe...
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