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CH -C-OH + HO CH,CH Acetic acid Propionicac n case of unsymmetrical ketones, two enols are possible, each giving a mixture of two acids. But he makt prodects ofoxidation are the carboxylic acids obtained from the more stable enol. For example lol OH O O HNO l CH-C-OH +HO-C-CH CH-Č=CHCH A More stable enol Acetic acid (two moles) (major products) CH-C-CH,CH 2-Butanone O OH HNO3 CH-C-CH,CH H-C-OH+ HO-C-CH,CH A Less stable enol Formic acid Propionie acid HO (minor products) [O] CO, +H,O wnerever formic acid is one of the products af oxidati
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    Ketone oxidation implies the rupture of a C-C bond. If it is energic (KMnO4, K2Cr2O7) two carboxylic groups will be produced. If it is smooth (Baeyer-Villiger oxidation), an ester ...
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    Here in presence of energic and strong oxidising agent HNO3, two carboxylic acid is formed
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