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yeuogeIS dvalla lable to to the elimina rocess (colored orange & 1 magenta here), the major product nation is UueI uE dlkene Isomer having the less substituted double bond. The tendency of Hofmann eliminations to give the less-substituted double bond isomer is commonly referred to as the Hofmann Rule, and
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    i have send you the different case where hoffmann products when there is activating group then only zaitsev products occurs not hoffmann products
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    Shweta thakur
    why zaitsev this because electron donation affect of activating groups are more dominat than Hoffman ...m right?
  • Priyanshu kumar
    read this shweta
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya
    check it
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  • Dinesh khalmaniya
    hope this will help you 🙏
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