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stored In sampie Problem8 lodine (L,) and bromine (Br,) are added to a solution containing iodide ) d hromide (Br) 10ns. What reaction would occur if the concentration of each species is1M? The electrode otentials for the reactions are: I,/-0-54 V,Br,/Br Po Solution. The reaction can be either Br,/Br-=1-08 v Br+2 I 2Brr+I, or I,+2Br 21+Bt For 1st reaction, E.M.F. = E° Br /Br I=108 -0-54 = 054 V For 2nd reaction, E.M.F. = E°, E° =0-54-1-08=-054 Br, As E.M.E. is positive for the 1st reaction, hence the cell reaction is Br,+2I 2 Br +I
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi
    in this question standard reduction potential of br2 and i2 are given and we know that if the species have more reduction potential then this species will reduced first so br2 has...
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    You have to use the concept of feasibility. when emf comes to be positive then reaction is feasible otherwise not. Here two reaction possibilities arises. In one case emf comes out...
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