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PRUDLEIVI 54 Bromine is a larger atom than chlorine, buf the eguilibrium constants in Table 2.10 indicate that a chloro substituent has a greater preference for ihe equatorial position. Suggest an ex planation for this fact.
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    Dear Shweta, “A-Values” are a numerical way of rating the bulkiness of substituents on a cyclohexane ring. The “A-Value” represents the difference in energy (in kcal/mol) between t...
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    Ashutosh singh
    Shweta, I'd recommend you to go through this article for 5 mins and note down some important data and points. It's very important. This -
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    Shweta the C-Br bond is longer than C-Cl bond,which causes bromine to be farther away than chlorine from the other axial substituents.... So as Br has large diameter but the longer...
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    Priyanshu kumar
    got this??
  • Anonymous User
    Due to increase in bond length of C-Br bond Sweta
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