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2 125% ecu-6. A number of water-soluble pigments in the green/blue/violet ranges used as tood dyes are based on cations of the type shown here. Explain why the general structure shows such long wave- Search 'Fo Exp length absorption and suggest why the extra functionality (OH group and sulfonate anions) is put into "CI food green 4 a com- pound approved by the EU for use in food under E142. Adobe Expa Convert PDF F wer Me Me or Excel Online ch Select PDF File u Me Me Clayden org.. general structure for water soluble food Convert to dye in the green/blue/violet range Microsoft Wore Document Langur Me Me English (U.5.) Cha Me Me green tood dye Na CI food green 4 E142] Convert, edit an forms & agr HO Os0 so0 Free 7-Day
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  • Paramjeet verma thankyou
    Suggested solution is attached herewith.
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    Paramjeet verma
    Hey Shweta! You must be aware of the fact that more the conjugation, lesser is the energy difference between HOMO and LUMO. This helps these molecules to absorb in the visible r...
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