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AlTerilau temperature T, as follows : From equations (23) and (24), (27) bu s C, (T2-T1)=- Popp (V2- V,) As the gas involved is ideal, using PV = RT, we have RT, T7 227 RT VP and V2P RT RIT P Substituting these values in eqn. (27), we get RT2 RT C (T-T) =opPP .(28) or C, (T2-T)=- Popp P2 Taking Popp= P2, i.e., the pressure of the gas after expansion, we get RT RT, .(29 C,T-T)=2P PB wOyoautu C,T2-C,T=2-RT, or C,T + RT=C,T +2 P RT or P RP2 C+R) T2 = T or P RP2 C,Ta =TC+ or P C+RP2/ P Ta T or Cp
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    Popp is external pressure and it is denoted also as Pext...For a special case Pext=P2 where P2 is the pressure of gas after expansion. When Popp not equal to P2 then you have to us...
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