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ns: ElectrochemistryX Youlube Search mple An aqueous solution containing Nat Sn2, CH & SO ions, all at unit concentration, is- ,CE & SO2 ions, all at unit concentration, is electrolysed between a silver anode and a platium cathode. What changes occcur at the electrodes when curent is passed through the cell? GivenAotIAg0.799 V E Sn1Sn-0.14 V,C ICr1.36 V Es.o s02 V, Fs 0.13 V (A) Sn2 is reduced and Ch is oxidized (C) Sn2 is reduced and Snt is oxidized -0.14 V =0.13 V (B) Ag is oxidized and Sn2t is reduced (D) His reduced and Sn2 is oxidised jee D49:09/ 54:52
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    sir plz explain this
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