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2 In the case of copper(11) sulphate, 4 water molecules are covalently bonded to forma square planar complex ion, [Cu(HO)P and the 5th water molecule is hydrogen bonded to this ion and a neighbouring sulphate on helping to hold the crystal lattice together. However, this blue crystal lattices readily broken down on heating, It is a reversible reaction, since, the white anhydrous solid turns blu on adding water (a simple test for water). CuSO, 5H,O(s) =CusO.(s) + 5H,O(g//) Blue White anhydrous solid Relative Acidity of Hydrated Salts
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    In CuSO4​.5H2​O,Cu is coordinated with 4 water molecules and two more oxygen atoms from Sulphate ion. Now fifth water molecule is hydrogen-bonded and is deeply embedded in a crysta...
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    4 water molecules covalently bonded hai jo square planar complex bna rhe hai...or 5th wale water molecules hydrogen bonded hai ion se or sulphate ion se
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    check it
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    Dinesh khalmaniya
    check it also
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