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Probability Current Density 139 J h 2im L Vy-Wy (11.7) +kyis t Oy 1s the gradient of y and is read as grad w. Equations 11.6 and 11.7 (11.8) (11.9) phere V=i+ Ox can also be written as Jx Im(y Ox J-Im( vw). and m
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  • Mahak Best Answer
    see this
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    Isha lohan
    thanks, got it
  • Vaishali sharma thankyou
    dear they just generalise it removing i will put herr imaginary part and removing 2 lead to reducing a factor
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  • Vaishali sharma
    see this
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    Vaishali sharma
    see this
  • Mahak
    see as si is real so si star is imaginary and from that part we can compare and for more clarification please send whole derivation that is when we will open eq 11.8 the 2i term wi...
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    Isha lohan
    here first part of derivation
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  • Vaishali sharma
    show 11.6 as well
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    Isha lohan
    this last equation is 11.6
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  • Ravi prakash yadav
    see attached,I have tried to make it as simple as I can.
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  • Mahak
    this nature of si is this because it has to satisfy equation of continuity
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