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Problem 2.7 Find the electric field a distance z from the center of a spherical surface of radius R (Fig. 2.11) that carries a uniform charge density a. Treat the case z R (outside). Express your answers in terms of the total chargec q on the sphere. [Hint: Use the law of cosines to write 2 in terms of R and 6. Be Sure to take the positive square root: NR+z -2Rz = (R-z) if R> z, but it's (z- R) if R < z.] Problem 2.8 Use your result in Prob. 2.7 to find the field inside and outside a solid sphere of radius R that carTIes a uniform volume charge density p. Express your answers in terms of the total charge of the sphere, q. Draw a graph of |E as a function of the distance from the center.
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    aisa kyoon
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  • Himanshi
    mam generally jab hm field nikalna hein th hm simple Cartesian coordinate lete he but yahan hmne spherical coordinate liye hein
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  • Himanshi
    thnx mam
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  • Ruby negi
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    mam whats the need to apply the spherical coordinate
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