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. Prove that if an Abelian group has more than three elements of order 2, then it has at least 7 elements of order 2. Find an example that shows this is not true for non-Abelian groups. d6 2 What are the possi1-
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    S3 is non Abelson group (1,2),(2,3),(3,1) are elements of order 2. no any other elements of order 2
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  • Ishu 1
    let a, b, c are elements of abelian group G of order 2 .then ab, ac,bc and abc are elements of G of order 2.bcz (ab) ²=a².b²=e. e=e .therefore G has at least 7 element a, b, c...
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  • Kanika goswami 1 thankyou
    check it.
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